A Theta Hackathon project – Selene Network

Today, I officially entered the blockchain based distributed sales network(dsn) in the Theta Hackathon as the SeleneNet project. I’m going to call is SelNet for short.

Here is a link: https://devpost.com/software/amorstyle-distributed-sales-network-selnet

If you missed my previous blog post, this dsn is flexible opt-in sales system that empowers creators to incentivize sales through influencers bypassing standard centralized marketing approaches.

In this system, creators determine the sales commission and influencers determine if it is worth talking about. Settlement happens at the time of minting and as long as the sales goals are met, there is no restriction on capturing the rewards.  

In really simple terms, if you are an influencer and you like talking about cool NFT projects, this is a way to get paid if people mint based on your endorsement as long as the NFT project build to this protocol.

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In order to show off how it works, I created a time limited mintable NFT that can be minted throughout the Hackathon (last mintable block number: 26243000 ). This NFT pays 50% of the mint Tfuel to any Agent that makes the sale. It also pays 5% to any website that offers access to the network.

To qualify for this commission, you have to get registered as an Agent or a website. If you want to build a sales force, you mint an Agent NFT. If you just want to endorse projects and capture the commission, you need to find someone that is willing to register your MetaMask compatible Theta Network address into the Agent system.

To learn more about becoming an Agent, check out the Agent information that I’ve linked too on my website.

Agent project overview

If you have a server and you want to provide access to SeleneNet compatible NFT contracts, talk to me about getting a Website NFT.

Website project overview

Mint: Hack it 2024

Second NFT in project

I’ve added a second Selene Network compatible NFT to the project. This one is a NFT that demonstrates how to display secret information after signature verification. In this case, the server protects a file and once the signature validation has occurred, the user is presented with a link to the document.

To read the whitepaper or get a better understanding for what it offers, visit the minting link.

Mint: DRM Anything NFT

I want to support you!

The other part about this project is that it needs people to build and deploy projects that are SeleneNet compatible. For most people, this can be technically challenging or, even worse, daunting. I’m here to help simplify this. The infrastructure that I’ve created takes a lot of the complexity out of the process.

If you already know that creating a simple NFT is something that you need, pitch me your idea and I can help you realize the benefits of this decentralized sales network infrastructure.

If you are an influencer, getting setup as an Agent is another option. Nothing better than getting paid to talk about things that you already love.

Minimum requirements

It should be obvious, but the smart contracts and NFTs are all built on the Theta blockchain and require that anyone interacting with the network use MetaMask. It’s pretty easy to setup, search for the official MetaMask website and download the browser extension that works for you.

Once you install, you’ll need to make your MetaMask wallet Theta blockchain aware. After doing that, you’ll need to acquire some Tfuel, most likely through a decentralized exchange.

Unfortunately, when it comes to using the technology, the customer has to show this basic level of technical understanding. This is one of the reasons why the network checks for the Participant NFT in the connecting wallet. The thinking is, if the customer can’t get this far, they will not be able to use the NFT as designed by the creator.

The good news is that MetaMask currently have over a million customers and they are working to solve that onboarding issue. As they solve that issue, more customers will be available to use the network.

What’s Next?

If participating in a network like this appeals to you, feel free to contact me. Best way is via my twitter handle: @AmorStyleYoga.

If you’re an influencer and you love the Theta blockchain or NFT projects on the Theta blockchain, let the creators know that this network is available so they can drive sales through the people that teach people about the projects. It’s an Opt-In system!

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