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This website uses the MetaMask browser extension to interface with Ethereum compatible smart contracts the Theta blockchain.

Install MetaMask, connect it to this website and then when you visit the articles posted here, you’ll experience the full functionality of the blockchain enhanced experience.

  • The Penny Oracle on Theta
    Been wanting to write this update for a long time. The Penny Oracle that I launched on the Theta blockchain is now auto-updated. In other words, I no longer have to manually update the price for minting any of my NFTs in any of my projects. This automation is a huge psychological win for me.… Read more: The Penny Oracle on Theta
  • Marketplace Solutions for the NFT Creator
    Announcing a Selene Network compatible NFT project with a built-in marketplace. Buy or swap NFTs!
  • The DRM Anything NewFunctionaliTee
    This is a Distributed Sales Network compatible demo showing how to DRM a document link which can be unlocked by anyone that owns the project NFT.
  • A Theta Hackathon project – Selene Network
    This is my first Hackathon project. Come learn what I’ve created and why. If it appeals to you, the path to getting involved is simple.
  • AmorStyle Distributed Sales Network NFTs
    This is a collection of blockchain based smart contracts that work together to implement a decentralized sales network settlement system.
  • Membership Demo newFunctionaliTee
    The Kalamazoo demo NFT project is not only fun and educational, but it demonstrates a technique for linking a membership to the Theta blockchain. Mint an NFT and check it out.
  • I Intend to Play newFunctionaliTee
    Mint Intend and then Mint ToPlay This is the third in a series of NFT demos that I have put together on the Theta Blockchain. This one builds upon the functionality of the previous two (Metadata hash and SendLock) to demonstrate two contracts working together to provide the solution. The solution is to provide an… Read more: I Intend to Play newFunctionaliTee
  • SendLock newFunctionaliTee
    Mint As NFTs evolve to provide more services, the loss of that resource (or what that NFT grants access too) could cause significant emotional or even financial hardship. This next Theta blockchain based NFT introduces a modification to the standard transfer design in 721 contracts that can be employed by NFT creators that will help… Read more: SendLock newFunctionaliTee
  • Metadata Hash – newFunctionaliTee
    In celebration of my ’24 New Years goals, I’ve launched my first ‘official’ New Functionali-Tee smart contract on the Theta blockchain. I’m calling it the Metadata Hash NFT which shows a technique by which an NFT project author can demonstrate file authenticity while using a private server. Mint Here! Why? Well, I’ve put some thought… Read more: Metadata Hash – newFunctionaliTee
  • Example Sending coin via MetaMask
    This page demonstrates plugin shortcode that allows you to send coin via Metamask.
  • Lockable Digital Assets
    NFT (and other) resources used for interacting on the blockchain should be protected by the root protocol of the EVM network so they are less subject to exploitation.
  • Tracking Addresses over the Theta Network
    Here I use explorers on the Theta Network to track a few larger transactions in order to get a feel for what is happening with these accounts.
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