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As NFTs evolve to provide more services, the loss of that resource (or what that NFT grants access too) could cause significant emotional or even financial hardship.

This next Theta blockchain based NFT introduces a modification to the standard transfer design in 721 contracts that can be employed by NFT creators that will help protect the NFT resource in the case of the account being hacked.

When websites offer functionality that requires a ‘hot’ wallet (one that is always connected, or wallets where the user remains logged in for extended periods of time (like Metamask)) it opens up situations where family members or co-workers could find ways to access your resources.

Or, regardless of the wallet state, if someone else gets a copy of your private keys, they have complete access to your resources. If multiple people hold the same private keys, both people have full access to the resources of that wallet. If one is a hacker, chances are high you will lose everything you store in that wallet.

To help mitigate the damage done by less secure crypto wallets (and environments), the SendLock newFunctionaliTee contract allows the resource owner to register (or cash) the next transfer operation for the NFT before any damage can be done by a hacker.

The idea is like this:

  • Mint the NFT
  • Put the NFT in the wallet where you’ll use it
  • Perform a sendLockRegister() call giving it your backup wallet

Now, the next time a send operation is executed on this NFT, the contract will move it to the cashed location – NOT the requested location. And, once it’s been set, it can’t be unset. Thus, the hacker will not be able to override this functionality.

I encourage you to give it a try with this sample NFT. It cost 5 tfuel to mint, 3 tfuel to ‘flip’ the coin and 1 tfuel to register the SendLock wallet.

Here are some links to the SendLock NFT.

Contract Address: 0x738acc1ecf2339079c54a8bf8fc47aa3535bb65f

Minting Page


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