NFT with Marketplace Demo Version 1

This NFT builds upon the Selene Network (DSN) core framework to offer a project that demonstrates an integrated secondary marketplace. Anytime someone visits the NFT project webpage, the visitor will be shown all the NFTs in the marketplace along with the classic mint button. The visitor will have the option to either claim a project NFT from the marketplace or mint a new one.

If the visitor already holds an NFT in this project, the webpage will provide a way for the visitor to offer their NFT to the smart contract so it will be displayed in the marketplace.

As with my other Selene Network projects, this one pays 20% to sales agents and 5% to supporting websites. Minting is open-ended.


Even though this project is built upon the core Selene Network functionality, the enhanced functionality is only shown on the main project page. Minting can be done from any Selene Network compatible location, but the secondary marketplace requires custom code, thus that can be found here:

Review Project and Mint NFT

Open-Source Code

As with all the Selene Network distributed sales network NFTs, all the files are available for download and verification hashes are provided in the project file.

Details on using the Marketplace

Because all smart contracts maintain the ownership list, it’s intuitive to just modify this code to allow the contract itself to own (and sell) its own NFTs. Thus, built into this contract are a few functions that provide simple marketplace operations.

This functionality involves, giving the NFT to the smart contract, getting the price, claiming one in the contract and so on.

This functionality is exposed to the website visitor on the project page in the form of functionality on a NFT tile.

For instance, when a new visitor shows up on the site, they will be able to see all the NFTs offered by the contract and be given the ability to mint a new NFT. If they purchase an NFT using the mint button, a commission is paid to the agents that helped make that sale. If the visitor selects an NFT from the marketplace, the previous owner and the project owner share in the proceeds.

Once the visitor holds an NFT of the project in their registered wallet, the webpage will show them the NFT along with everything in the marketplace. If the NFT owner chooses, they can offer their NFT into the marketplace. Once they do, the NFT is owned by the smart contract. If it sells, the account that offered the NFT into the marketplace is credited with the sales commission.

Note that with this demo, any NFT sold in the marketplace will have the claim split 15% to the project owner and the remaining credited to the offering account.  

Also, as with all the different demos, the commission structure is determined by the project creator. In some cases, it may make sense for the project creator to retain 80 or 90% of the resale value of the NFT. In other cases, maybe only a couple percent. That decision is left up to anyone that copies and deploys a version of this code.

More Info

If you would like help modifying this code to better suit your needs, feel free to tag me in the discord. In order to get into this discord group, you will have to demonstrate that you can use MetaMask and it’s hooked up to the Theta network and holding a Theta based TraderPunks NFT. If you’re holding this project NFT, you will get a top priority response from me (AmorStyle).