Hackathon Demo Project

‘Hack it 2024’ is a SelNet compatible collectable NFT.

The key thing that this hackathon project introduces is a simple protocol that allows SelNet aware servers to talk to SelNet aware smart contracts.

This means that if a content creator copies this NFT smart contract (upon which they make a couple minor changes), then, after launch, they will have immediate access to minting their NFTs through any website that implements the high-level protocol code.

Not only this, but the content creator will have the ability to incentivize all the sales agents in the network by offering a commission. The commission structure is discoverable and settled at NFT mint.

Show your support for this project buy minting your own NFT. Here is the minting link: https://amorstyle.com/dsn/dsnv1.php.

Unique offering for hackathon

As stated in the whitepaper, if this project wins free tickets to ThetaCon 2024 in Las Vegas, there will be a private meeting where this NFT will be the ticket to the conversation.

Also, to the 12 most liked project pitches, holding this NFT gets you priority time where I will help you duplicate this NFT so you can launch your own SelNet NFT.

Call to action

The price of the NFT will be around $5 worth of Tfuel. It will only be mintable for (about) the length of the Hackathon.

In order to raise awareness with regards to what this project has to offer, the minting of this NFT will pay 50% commissions to agents and 5% to websites that offer access to minting these NFTs.

If you are an influencer and you love the Theta blockchain, please review the project to see if becoming an agent makes sense for you.