Marketplace Solutions for the NFT Creator

The old-school brick-&-mortar approach of forcing a creator to ‘fit the mold’ with regards to content creation and distribution is quickly becoming a thing of the past. As technology advances, more creators are going to find that there are alternative paths for content distribution that don’t involve large, centralized organizations.

Ultimately, I’d love to see more creators leverage the power of blockchain to incentivize perfectly good strangers to sell their project for them. This is why I put together the Selene Network (DSN). The network protocols allow creators to own and manage their content while also incentivizing others in a trustless manner.

The latest addition to my Selene Network collection of demos is the ‘NFT with Marketplace demo Version 1’. This NFT has a built-in secondary marketplace.

Imagine being a creator and offering a NFT collection that represents 100 pieces of something unique. Say, every day the creator posts something new to the collection. If this demo code is used (and slightly modified), not only would the creator be able to incentivize sales, but they would have a built-in marketplace where the unique items could trade.

No need for a third party centralized website. Instead, the functionality can be served right off the creator’s own website where there is a high level of trust in the content (and means to the content).

Take a look

So, install MetaMask and instruct it to connect to the Theta Network. Once you have, connect it to this website ( and visit:

NFT with Marketplace Demo Version 1

If you would like to see other examples built on the Selene Network core code, visit:

Selene network – In The Gallery


Feel free to tag me on Twitter @AmorStyleYoga. Every sample that I create is available for download and review. See the project JSON file for details.

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